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5 Best Chinese Knife Clones (Reviewed in 2022)

So, where do these counterfeit knives come from? Well, if you said China, you guessed. To many, it’s not a surprise since that’s where most counterfeits are made.

As you know, most people think that Chinese-made items are cheap and low-quality. While that may be true to some extent, they have some incredible products as well.

As an instance, some world-renowned companies like Apple outsource their iPhones from China. Better still, most of their products are gaining massive popularity across the world. And that’s still the case with their knife clones too!

Don’t get us wrong though, we’re not saying that all these clones are great. That’s why we’ve gone through extensive research and reviewed some of the best Chinese knife clones worth buying!

That being said, let’s get down to business!

5 Best Chinese Knife Clones Reviewed

A knife clone refers to a counterfeit cutting tool that resembles an existing model. Everything is nicely done to ensure that the product looks as ‘authentic’ as possible. But one thing is for certain, it will never look like the original tool 100%.

That’s why people refer to those items as ‘clones’. After all, the performance you’ll get from these tools is really awesome.

So let’s take a closer look at all the knock off knives listed below!

1. Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Chinese Knife Clone

Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Chinese Knife Clone

In our view, this is one of the best Chinese clone knives we’ve reviewed. The most important thing is that it’s well balanced that fits in your hand very well. It’s made with hardened carbon steel, making it durable and strong.

Based on the number of benefits you’ll get, the price is very much reasonable.

Its solid built quality is nearly unbeatable by any expensive ones. The blade is saw-toothed on the sharp side near the hinge. You can saw some small things very quickly with this part of the blade. This is really useful for those living outdoor hiking and camping.

And the overall quality is very much satisfying. You’ll get the perfect test of an EDC Chinese folding knife. Moreover, it has a strongly embedded useful pocket clip. Due to that, you can easily carry it around as survival or self-defense gear.

With a finger cutout aluminum handle design, the grip is very firm and secure. Consequently, it weighs light, enabling you to feel the confidence in your hand. So it’s easy to maneuver constantly for your everyday demanding needs, still preventing any accidental injuries with the safety lock system.

But if you possess a big hand size, the handle might not be suitable for you. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a well-built, compact yet cheap multipurpose Chinese knife clone, this is your best bait!

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to carry.
  • Firm and secure grip.
  • Convenient blade opening.
  • Size: total 7.1” (blade length 3.1”).
  • Very Sharp steel blade.
  • Safety lock feature.
  • Perfect as an EDC.

2. Spring Assisted, Pocket Folding Knife Military Style

Spring Assisted, Pocket Folding Knife Military Style

If you’re a knife enthusiast, there is a good chance you’ve come across the Grand Way brand. Most of their products have many useful features, great design, and are made with high-grade materials.

That’s still the case with this Chinese counterfeit. It looks really modern and slick professional. What sets this product apart is the unique spring-assisted opening feature. So the blade opens smoothly without making you scared.

Moving on, if you compare the size, it’s a bit longer than the first knife we’ve reviewed above. Measuring about 7.75-inch, in which the blade size is about 3.42-inch.

The sharp black oxidized blade is crafted from 440c steel material. That’s how it becomes highly durable and excellent rust resistance. Hence, it can withstand random environmental conditions, making it suitable for all your outdoor activities.

So, don’t forget to throw it into your hiking or traveling bag.

And you’ll thank its usefulness in the evening, for sure!

Regarding the size, the entire unit weighs about 4.4 ounces, making it quite handy folding EDC. One other thing, you can easily sharpen it with some sort of knife sharpening compounds if you have them at your disposal.

So that way, you maintain its long-term operation.

The handle is well-crafted with aircraft-quality aluminum material. For that, it feels really strong and comfortable in your hand during the action. Also, the reliable liner lock prevents the blade from closing accidentally.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to sharpen.
  • Comfortable and superior grip.
  • Perfect for indoor & outdoor uses.
  • Spring-assisted opening mechanism.
  • Total length: 7.75”, blade: 3.42”.
  • Sharp blade with a safety lock.
  • Well-crafted handle.

3. ALBATROSS EDC Tactical Folding Pocket Knife

ALBATROSS EDC Tactical Folding Pocket Knife

Here comes our 3rd most favorite one. This is the best cheap knife Chinese clone on our list. ALBATROSS makes this tactical folding gear. The blade is very sharp and durable. Apart from the purpose of a knife, the most attractive part is its glass breaker. Plus, it has an extremely sharp seatbelt cutter that cuts various things.

That’s how it comes quite handy as an emergency survival kit in your car. Or, even buy one for all your hiking and camping trips. And it all worth it in the end!

Thinking about the ease of use?

Well, left or right, you can open the blade with just one hand.

You’ll just need to press the flipper and you get it securely opened. The spring-assisted blade opening ensures trusted performance right at the moment when you need it as a self-defense tool. However, it’s plain without any serration on the sharp side.

Otherwise, you’ll love how light it feels in your hand with the perfect central balance. Its total length is about 6.5-inch, in which the blade size is 2.7-inch. So it’s a perfect small size EDC Chinese pocket knife that comes included a nylon carry bag. And you get it useful for a wide range of tasks like whittling a piece of wood or whatever!

To conclude, it has an embedded low-profile pocket clip, making it easily accessible yet highly secured in place.

Highlighted Features:

  • Liner safety lock.
  • Total length: 6.5”, blade: 2.7”.
  • Good-grip cutout handle design.
  • Perfect multitasking EDC.
  • Precisely honed blade.
  • Erosion resistant.

4. Rush Deer RG10 Folding Knife Chinese Clone

Rush Deer RG10 Folding Knife Chinese Clone

Rush Deer RG10 is yet another multitasking gear among the best clone knives that have a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter. The brand RUSH DEER doesn’t compromise on the build quality.

So, you want to know the good news?

Well, this unit’s construction quality is unmatched.

The blade is crafted from superior stainless steel. This ensures the blade prevents erosion, helping it last for several years to come. To top that off, the blade has a clip point, which gives it an outstanding piercing power.

So you can conveniently use it to handle heavy-duty and small daily tasks. Talking of use, this pocket-size tool is highly versatile.

Moreover, when you open the blade, the flipper still remains visible on the other side as a finger safety barrier. Its blade size (3.4”) is less than the handle (4.6”) in comparison. Due to that, it’s easy to maneuver in your hand for any sorts of crafting projects. Also, you get it perfect for multiple other tasks like hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

Many times you’ll hear people complain about the worst knife handle.

But with this one, image a perfectly textured handle made with G-10 aluminum material. Meaning it will be very light yet durable and easy to get a grip on. So, overall this is a great knife with a pocket clip hanger.

But one thing’s for sure, you won’t see the serrated edge. Otherwise, it’s a solid-built Chinese clone you’d highly expect to have!

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to carry.
  • Total length: 7.9”, blade: 3.4”.
  • Wide range of application.
  • Durable steel blade.
  • Secured blade opening.
  • Modern and slick design.

5. Kershaw Clash Black Serrated Pocket Knife

Kershaw Clash Black Serrated Pocket Knife

When shopping for a knife, Kershaw is another popular manufacturer you’ll come across. This is one of the Chinese knife brands well known for providing high quality yet low price knives. So, if you’re after an incredible pocket knife for gardening, hiking, or hunting, give it a try!

Strictly speaking, the blade is razor share, yet very durable. With the saw-toothed part, you can easily cut rigid items like fibers and cords.

The blade is made up of 8CR13MoV stainless steel and then processed through heat-treated technology. Moreover, it’s coated with black oxide. This will protect it from corrosion and ensure longevity.

To promote comfortable use, this tool is lightweight and compact. It weighs about 0.8 ounces and measures 4.25” (closed) and 3.1” blade size. And, what makes this so special is the finger cutout handle shape that makes it easy to hold in your hand.

Opening and closing are quite easy as well. That’s because it uses an innovative Speed safe assisted opening mechanism. This involves a spring system that enables you to deploy the blade fast and smoothly. With that and the inbuilt flip system, you can slide out the knife in seconds.

For safety purposes, this tool features a liner locking mechanism. This ensures the blade is secure while you’re handling it. Also, this provides cutting stability to enhance your experience.

However, as an emergency kit, we recommend multitasking knives because of their usability. And those are the best Chinese made pocket knives in our views.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to flip.
  • Durable and black oxidized steel blade.
  • Liner safety lock system.
  • Good-grip textured handle.
  • Perfect pocket size knife.
  • Easy to maneuver.

Chinese Knife Clones Comparison Table


Blade Size

Blade Type


Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Chinese Clone


Plain and serrated edge

Only as knife

Spring Assisted, Pocket Folding Knife


Curved plain blade

Only as knife

ALBATROSS EDC Tactical Folding Pocket Knife


Curved plain blade

Knife, seatbelt cutter, glass breaker

Rush Deer RG10 Folding Chinese Clone


Curved plain blade

Knife, seatbelt cutter, glass breaker

Kershaw Clash Black Serrated Pocket Knife


Plain and serrated edge

Only as knife

Chinese Knife Clones Buying Guide

Chinese Knife Clones

Needless to say, choosing one of the best Chinese knife clones for you might an easy process if you know what you’re after. You can make a wise buying decision if you know what sort of tasks you’ll be performing and so on. However, we recommend multitasking versions because of their versatile usability.

So when you’re set on a certain product, it’s time to criticize the overall quality by a few important factors. And guess what?

Let’s get down to it - 

Handle Build Quality and Design

The handle plays an important role in the performance. Also, it ensures that the grip stays tight and comfortable in the user’s hand. For that, the handle is a part you should not overlook.

One thing you need to know about handles is that they’re available in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Regarding the shape, you can choose any type of knife based on your personal preferences.

Don’t pick a small handle version if you expect to test handful grips. Also, note that a properly textured surface is easy to get a grip on.

That, however, should not be the case with the used material. Instead, settle for a tool whose handle is made of titanium or aluminum. These materials are durable, provide excellent grip and withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Therefore, you can safely and comfortably use your tool for all sorts of activities.

Blade Material and Usability

Pocket knives have different types of blades. The most common styles include; clip point, needle point, drop point, and pen knife blades. What you need to know about these styles is that each type is designed for a different purpose.

So, before you choose a certain type, you have to consider what you intend to use the tool for. While serrated blade edges give you more usability, plain blades are just what they’re designed for.

Still, on the blade, it’s good to check the materials used in its construction. Most of the time, they’re made of stainless steel or carbon steel. If you’re planning to use your knife for heavy-duty tasks, go for a carbon steel tool.

This is because this material is more durable than stainless steel. However, stainless steel is ideal for daily use and has better rust resistance.

Blade Opening & Locking Mechanism

Chinese knife clones have different types of opening mechanisms. They can be manual, automatic, or spring-assisted. We’d recommend tools with a spring-assisted opening mechanism, especially for outdoor activities. This is because they release the blade within seconds, allowing fast access to the blade.

Considering how sharp the blades are, it’s good to ensure that the knife is safe and secure. That’s why you need to ensure that it has a locking mechanism. This prevents accidental closure of the blade during use. Almost all of the clones we’ve reviewed in this article have a liner safety lock system.

Size and Weight

Before you settle on a certain Chinese clone, make sure you consider its weight and size. These factors will have a huge impact on its cutting performance and portability.

So, choose a tool that’s lightweight and compact. This will make it easy to store and easy to carry around. However, it should be large and strong enough to handle various cutting needs.


1. Are knives made in China any good?

Answer: Of course, they are. In terms of build quality, performance and versatility, these knives are all worth it! They can rarely be beaten even by the original model. The sad truth is that Chinese products are mostly low-quality, but that’s a separate part of their nation.

The knife clone-making industries are still leading various markets around the globe. And, these knife clones are very much popular among many people in the USA.

2. Why are some Kershaw knives made in China?

Answer: If you take a quick look around various Kershaw knives, you’ll get to understand that most of their products are made within the US. However, a few specific models are left for the Chinese industries since their production cost is lower. And thus, the clones will become affordable, yet still providing trusted performance.

3. Are Smith and Wesson knives made in China?

Answer: Yes, in fact, a large clone batch is manufactured in China. But, that shouldn’t worry you, though! These knife clones are still decent quality tools that perform for a long time. And being made by the Chinese industries, they are meant to be very much affordable at the same time.

4. What's the hardest steel for knives?

Answer: Carbon steel is the hardest steel for knife making. This material makes the most heavy-duty knives such as hunting gear to an EDC for your everyday use. So they become strong, durable yet easy to restore the sharpness anytime. But there’s a problem, though! This material is more prone to damage since it lacks chromium.

Final Words

Chinese knife clones are available in different styles and incredible designs. These are lightweight and compact so, easy to store and carry. And because of the versatile usability, these tools are very popular among outdoor lovers.

With one of the best Chinese knife clones, you can ideally handle various tasks like hunting, hiking, self-defense, camping, and much more.

Even better some multi-tasking knives worth it as a special emergency survival kit. So that’s how impactful these little doers are in your daily life. And, we’re happy to be a part of your solution to getting into a great list of amazing products.

 So enjoy it, have fun!

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